Newman Airport Lounge Entirely Digital

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On the 2nd of December our team flew up to the Newman Airport to replace a 2920mm x 850mm softface billboard with a brand new 3700mm x 700mm digital display! This is the last softface in the departure lounge at Newman Airport which has been replaced with a digital screen.

This project took place in the very busy departure lounge which is often crammed with people when flights occur in the morning and afternoon. It was so busy when we needed to fly out that there was a waiting line just to get in to the lounge!

This site is now up and running and is in high demand! If you are interested, please contact us at

New WAB Supersite in O’Connor

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Presenting our newest site: WA026 | O’Connor.
This Supersite billboard was recently acquired by WA Billboards and is now available for bookings from agencies and direct clients.
Located on South Street, WA026 captures the attention of travellers heading towards Fremantle. South Street is an east-west arterial highway in the southern suburbs of Perth, and runs from Canningvale to the coast.
For more information or to secure this site please contact us at

11th Top Media Buyer Award

WA Billboards is back, and their Top Media Buyer Award is full steam ahead for the rest of 2020.

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From March – June WAB paused their Top Media Buyer Award due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The advertising industry, which was hit hard, saw a significant drop in revenue as businesses curtailed their media spend and focused on surviving through restrictions.


Thankfully, as we come out the other end, businesses are once again spending money on promoting their products and services.


WA Billboards are excited to announce that the winner of the award for July-Aug is Ben McAuliffe from Initiative, followed by Debra Neve from OMD and Jemma McFarland also from Initiative.


“We would like to thank all of the agencies in WA for sticking with us through these difficult times, and especially Ben who booked an impressive regional billboard campaign in July” says WAB Director Steve Robinson.


The next round of awards will be announced at the end of October.