Ambient is a broad term that covers a range of media options, mainly designed to subconsciously attract attention to your campaign or business. By employing the use of ambient media options, knowledge and curiosity of your business becomes present, leaving a bigger footprint on the market.

These ambient options are normally subtle placements that may not be noticed as promotional activities, it is the discreet messages that are sent to the consumers.

Some of the ambient media that WA Billboards provide are digital screens in a couple of our regional airports. We provide advertising space on the flight information screens (FIDS) through out the terminal. The inter woven ads between the flight information and weather reports allows the viewer to subconsciously take in the advertisement. Every person in the terminal uses these screens to board their flights and collect their luggage. By pairing some ambient screen advertisements up with another advertising platform like that of a static panel will engage a viewer and submerge a message within them.

Even though now days there are new and creative ambient means, the most common type of ambient media are banners, or stickers on the sides of buildings, cars, planes, doors, seats or baggage belts, it is as usually as simple as a logo or a common catch phrase and used to re-enforce a brand or support a larger message.