About Us

The current directors, Stephen and Kerry Robinson, founded WA Billboards in 1991 and since has steadily grown to be the largest domestic operator in Western Australia. Stephen Robinson started in the outdoor media industry in 1984 with an outdoor display company before being recruited by Australian Posters in 1989 as a specialist development officer, while Kerry formerly held a senior management position with the Commonwealth Bank. In 2010 their son Christopher joined the WA Billboard team and now runs the operational aspects such as site leasing, maintenance and material changes. Over the last two years the business has grown in size and welcomed Olivia, Sales and Marketing Manager to the team and Steve and Kerry’s second son Mitchell.

WA Billboards is the last privately owned, dedicated outdoor media company in Western Australia. It successfully competes in a highly regulated and competitive market against large international public companies. We offer our clients a broad range of outdoor media options including large format signage and standard billboards in both the Perth metropolitan area and across regional Western Australia. This includes extreme condition billboards that are built in house to withstand cyclone prone areas. In addition to standard outdoor media options we also hold the rights to a number of regional airport terminals including Karratha, Newman, Port Hedland, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton and Onslow. In some regions we also offer transit media such as buses and taxis under a sub license arrangement with the WA Governments Public Transport Authority.

We proudly maintain our independence and family ownership of the business and pride our selves on being market leaders who can react quickly to client and landowner requirements.

Our Harvard Road, Jandakot Airport location houses our sign manufacturing facilities as well as a hangar with full CASA Approved maintenance facilities for our aircrafts. This gives us total independence from outside suppliers and ensures our aircrafts are always available as required. Our sales, marketing, operations and administration are conducted out of our office in Boulder Road, Malaga. Stephen holds a commercial pilots license with an instrument rating for all weather operations and Chris holds a full Private Pilot’s license. All key staff hold ASIC cards relieving our airports from the onus of supervising us on site, therefore ensuring their commitment to aviation safety are maintained.

We have national sales representation by both the oOh Media and APN group’s whilst at a state level we manage our own representation to advertising agencies and direct clients.

About Billboards

Traditionally billboards have been fixed advertising panels located in various areas to display an advertisers message. These normally are of a standardised format and size – 24 sheets, Super 8 sites, Supersites and Spectaculars. In more recent years the definition of a billboard has evolved to include a wide variety of formats, designs and styles including bus shelters, digital and electronic signage. This has therefore evolved the industry, transforming the everyday billboard into new mediums, resulting in the ‘billboard’ industry re-branding itself as an overall Out of Home Media provider. The traditional and much loved billboards are still very successful promotional tactics and a part of our everyday lives. The industry has changed dramatically in the last 30 years and is now looking even further into the future to more modern technology.

If your looking for something different, we can offer you the potential to develop one off concepts and projects. This can be anything that your creative team may think of, if you think it is viable and that your company or client will love it we will endeavor to make it happen. We have a depth of experience in many projects for different clients and are happy to discuss any idea you may have – no matter if it is the biggest or smallest yet.

From the highest point of the Kimberley to the lowest of the South West, WA Billboards have a wide variety of sites across the state on offer to you. Our vast distribution means your company can reach its desired target audience, whether that may be your neighbour, near by work places, city commuters, FIFO workers, tourists or farmers.

6 Sheet Poster

In the past, standard billboard formats have been 3m x 1.5m (6 sheet) poster boards. These are no longer frequently used but they were commonly seen in a place of purchase for products such as ice cream and cigarettes.

24 Sheet Poster

The next size was the 24 sheet poster which is still a common site across all cities and regional locations. Measuring 6m x 3m these were the old 20 foot x 10 foot poster boards.
The name 24 sheeter is still commonly used and relates back to when it took 24 sheets of paper to bill post a board. Modern day printing presses with larger paper sheet sizes could do the same with only 12 sheets of paper but the 24 sheet name still remains. In more recent years paper posters are no longer used and have been replaced by digitally printed vinyl banners known as ‘skins’.

Super 8

The next size up is the newer 8.3m x 2.2m Super 8 format. These have become popular in recent years as an alternative option to the full size Supersites. The format is very similar at a 4:1 ratio but these are a lower cost option. A true Super 8 will be on a major highway and include flood lighting.


These are the standard fare for large format advertising sites and measure 12.6m x 3.3m in a landscape format. These always include flood lighting for night time viewing, are located on major highways that carry 30,000+ cars per day  and are most commonly in a prominent location.


A broad name that covers any panel larger than a Supersite, although much larger panels are frequently used under the same description they’re commonly 18m x 4m in size.